Tuesday, November 18, 2008

ETA: My b/f came home and said oh your hair looks good. I was beside myself normally he doesn't say that about my hair. His response to my comment that you don't normally like my hair was I do when you do it. I have to admit I have been very lazy with my hair as of late late being as of August. I barely condition it or detangle it weekly, most of the time it's only once a week. That is not enough for my hair. As a result my hair is normally really....dry and gets matted and tangled easily so it takes my longer to do my hair when I do it. So as of today I'm making a commitment to do my wear my hair down 2 times a week. Only because it take so long to do. Also to do my hair in buns or ponytails other days of the week. I also commit to conditioning my hair and detangling it at least 3-4 days a week. Well I will keep you updated on how well I keep that commitment and how my hair likes it.

Great Hair Day!

How is it when you expect you hair results to be ok that it turns out to be fab? Just when I was contemplating going mod cg. My hair just loves to surprise me. I probably will almost never be able to replicate these results it always happens. One day I have a great hair day follow by just ok ones or bad ones. Anyway I co-washed with TJ Refresh conditioner it gives me that nice squeaky and moisturized clean feel. I love it so far. After I co-washed I put in Pomegranate B2B conditioner as a leave in, in the shower took forever about 20 mins. I have a lot of hair. Think Tracy Ross or Kelis when she had hair. Then once I got out of the shower I used about a quarter size of pink boots scrunched and then AOMM gel and scrunched then clipped. I did my hair in sections probably took 30 mins which is a short time for me. My hair looked great but it always does when it wet. I was expecting ok results. Low and behold when it dried it looked fab my hair didn't have a lot of volume like it normally does which is good. I like a different look from all that volume. My hair is crunchy and a little dry. I think I over did it with the products I'll try to use less next time. Anyway hope to reproduce these result again on Thursday if not then hopefully with the volume it'll still look great. We will see!